Paidir a Iompair (paidiraiompair) wrote in emeraldrosega,
Paidir a Iompair

Before we say goodbye

This old picture reminds me of how far and how long we've been on this journey with these four men.  So before we gather to say thank you for the music, I'd like to share these valuable lessons I'll take with me.

Things I learned from Emerald Rose
10. The universe is mine when Urania sings.
9. We Come From Monkeys.
8. Keep Your Hands off Red Haired Mary.
7. NEVER split the Party!
6. Fairies Stole my Keys!
5. (It really is) all for me Grog.
4. Santa Claus is Pagan, Too.
3. Never Underestimate a Woman with the Goddess in Her Eyes...
2. How you go about defeating an enemy when you got nothing as a weapon except a big floppy chicken.
1. The path I follow may be long and winding, but it surely leads to the other side.
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