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Greetings from Emerald Rose!

Just in :

Greetings from Emerald Rose! We'd like to announce our NEW CD:

"Verdant" is our first all-new studio album since 2007, and has 13 tracks, nearly all original compositions or "ER" arrangements of Celtic classics. It's a diverse collection, with every style from classic rock to Celtic dance to lullaby! You'll find some of our new "steampunk" sensibilities on there with "Clockwork Love" and "Her Majesty's Airship Corps." We have some breezy Jack Johnson-esque pop, some great instrumentals, a couple of dreamy original ballads, and the universal-consciousness groove of "Omega." We think you'll like this one a lot! Yes, it'll be available on, but be patient...we don't even have our own copies yet!

We're only a couple weeks away from Dragon*Con Atlanta, which will be the first place to get this CD (signed, of course!) If you're going, look us up (probably in the Marriott lower level) and see one of our several shows. We have new T-shirts and stickers, too!! If you can't be there, we're also playing at the Irish Bred pub (Gainesville, GA) on Sept. 17 and Matilda's in Alpharetta on Oct. 1 -- see our gigs page for details/updates.

It's been an exciting and busy couple of months for our band, and we're delighted we have some new tunes for you! Come out and see us soon!

-Emerald Rose


Dragon*Con [Atlanta,GA] 2011-09-01 various As we know it: Thursday 7:30pm Celtic Evening at Centennial Ballroom (Hyatt) Friday 12:30pm Concourse Stage (Hyatt) 8:30pm An Evening at Bree Centennial Ballroom (Hyatt) Sunday 6:30pm The Gather Square (Pern) Vinings Room (Hyatt) Monday 2:00pm Concourse Stage (Hyatt)

Irish Bred Pub [Gainesville,GA] 2011-09-17 7PM We've finally dug our way out of the studio! Come hear our new material from the new CD "Verdant" and take home a copy!

Matildas Music Under the Pines [Alpharetta,GA] 2011-10-01 7PM This is now a double-header, with the world music band Code Monaco and Emerald Rose! Great outdoor venue, bring a picnic!

Atlanta Pagan Pride Day [Decatur,GA] 2011-10-01 TBD Fun times down in Decatur! Come out for the day...
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